In 2018-2019, Soni worked with Gareth Presch and the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) to produce a lesson plans for 6 x 1hr facilitated My Way Code Core Journey based sessions to take place in UK Primary Schools (children aged 7-11) called WHISkids.

Over 4000 children took part and the results showed an increase in the self reported wellbeing of the children and will be formally published

shortly but you can see their feedback - click below.

We hope to develop this further as part of our

PoweredBy product range and work together

with WHIS through SDG Cities Platform. 

Throughout our development we have sought to collaborate with people of all ages to help us see whether the program would have the impact we hoped.

In 2016, funded by the Big Lottery, we held a  community development project. 100 in person participants completed the Core Journey workshops and produced and shared a full report of the outcomes with local health services. 

Soni also co-designed, together with Deirdre Munro is a protonic Irish nurse, midwife & health system analyst, a Global Community Centred Care Plan for Children and Families bringing the My Way Code tools as an assessment tool for families and community health professionals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout our development we have worked with community groups and workforces to co-design, test and research the needs and wants of all age groups, genders, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds.

We are committed to holding our work and standards to the highest levels of scrutiny by our stakeholders. We will commission scientific evidence based studies to assess our impact.

Because My Way code offers individuals to assess all areas of their lives, we hope to impact personal and population health outcomes by raising awareness of the impact of the social, emotional and environmental world around us. 

To this My Way Code's own Corporate Social Responsibilty strategy is underpinned by our commitment to helping to deliver the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) - a framework of international priority areas to tackle the biggest challenges the world is facing.

Equally, My Way Code is attractive to Philanthropists as well as Government agencies and organisations wanting to invest, or use the Corporate Responsibility [CSR] allocated funding to partner with.

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My Way Code began as a non profit so social impact is in our DNA. And we make no apology for our aim to reach millions of people across the world. 


tackle unequal access to resources


personal & worklife

agency and autonomy

better health


trusted voice



help the most vulnerable 

Provide a low cost, highly engaging platform for people to learn about how their individual physical and mental health is impacted by their life experiences, relationships and behaviours.

Increase in health awareness and literacy will promote access and confidence to engage with health services sooner and with confidence. Improve positive outcomes for both mental and physical health. Empower the individual to take their rights to access resources and encourage citizenship.

My Way Code becomes the leader in representing the real life of users and the impact on their lives of current eco and political systems. Be the creative trusted source of life-enhancing information in a fun, celebratory way on all digital media platforms.

Our data and research reveals what changes health & care institutions can make to bring more inclusion and access to resources, capabilities and rights, and challenge health inequalities.

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Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow up, live, work and age. These conditions influence a person’s opportunity to be healthy, his/her risk of illness and life expectancy. Social inequities in health – the unfair and avoidable differences in health status across groups in society – are those that result from the uneven distribution of social determinants.

Social Determinants of Health

My Way Code journeys help people have a 360 degree view of their current context and resources. With the reflective and practical tools My Way Code brings, they can explore the way their experiences and environment have influenced their lives so far, and that insight about their resilience inform their choices. 

For example: Finance Journey - insights into patterns of spending, attitudes to money/debt/help, spending triggers, management tools and trackers

For example: Education Journey - gain insights and agency to examine ways to improve educational outcomes through awareness of personality and learning style, ways of studying, asking for help, access to mentors/educators ....

For example: Environment Journey - includes learning how our living situation and local environment impacts our lives and how we take our place in community and the wider world

For example: Health Journey - epidemiology, ACE's, barriers to seeking medical care, medication management ...